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2 Ways Your Mechanic Can Check Out Your Car

When you take your car in for a tune-up or check up, there are a lot of things that your mechanic is going to look at and a number of tests they can do to help you figure out what is going on with your car and to make sure that it is still running fine. It used to be that they would have to take the car apart in some way to get everything checked out, especially if it was your car's engine. However, there are diagnostic tools that your mechanic can use that will let them see what's going on with your engine or your car without having to take it apart. 

Diagnostic Computers

These days, most cars have computers inside of them. Those computers can keep track of a lot of things. They can find out when there is something wrong with the engine, the brakes, or other systems. The mechanic can plug their diagnostic computer into your car and the two computers will talk to each other. The computer in your car will tell the mechanic's computer what is happening inside and if there are any problems or if everything is running well. That can make it much easier for the mechanic to get right to the problem and get it fixed, quickly and easily. 


An engine borescope is basically a long, flexible, rubber coated, fiber optic cable with a camera on one end and a monitor on the other. There are also controls on the monitor end of the borescope so that your mechanic can "drive" it through your car and your engine. They will feed it into a hole and then let it snake through your engine and other systems in your car.

The mechanic will be able to inspect the pistons and cylinders without having to take apart your car's engine. They would be able to use the monitor to zoom in on certain areas to check on any scratches or imperfections. Using a borescope will make it quicker for your mechanic to check out your car since they won't have to take it apart, and you won't be sitting in the waiting room as long, which will let you go about your day. 

Taking your car in to the mechanic's regularly is a good idea. That routine maintenance can keep your car running longer and save you money on bigger repair costs. 

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