Avoiding Audio Visual Problems

The Luxury And Security Of Home Automation

When it comes to the security and control of your home, there is no better way to accomplish both than by investing in a home automation system. There are so many different aspects of home automation that you can include in your home. Each feature can add luxury and security to your home. There are approximately 3.7 million break ins each year, and most of thee could be avoided if the home would have been equipped with a type of home automation system. Here are a few different home automation services that you can add to your home that add luxury and security.

Automatic Door Locks

Invest in a high quality dead bolt. Most of the break ins each year occur through a door, and a dead bolt is the best way to secure a door. An automatic dead bolt gives the home owner the ability to lock or unlock their doors anytime from a smartphone. If you are on vacation and need a house sitter to feed the dog, but the doors are locked then you can unlock the doors from your phone. Even if you are laying in bed for the night and you forgot to lock the doors, you can lock the doors from your phone. Automatic door locks add a great deal of convenience and security to your home.


A security camera is also a good investment. Having the ability to actually record a burglary in progress is a great tool to find and prosecute the individual. Having security cameras is also very nice to keep burglars away from the house. The cameras also give you many nice features as well. You will be able to log onto your home automation interface and watch live video footage. If you have repair men in your home, you can watch to ensure they are treating the home correctly. Even if you have a babysitter, you can check in at any given notice.


There are many aspects of having automatic and controllable lights that come in handy. Lights are a great way to keep burglars away from the home. You can have the automation connected to all the lights in your home, or just a few small appliances. If you are on vacation and you want it to appear that you are actually home, then you can turn on the lights at different times during the night. You can also turn off the lights to conserve energy during the day.   Contact a lighting company, like Evolution Audio Video, for more help.

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Avoiding Audio Visual Problems

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